Best Places to Store Valuables in the Home

If you have items in your home that you wish to protect but don’t have room for in your safe or feel as though you may not require one, then here are some ideas on sneaky places to hide your valuables and keep them out of a burglars view.

False containers

Many companies now produce false containers such as soup cans, cleaning products and coke cans that have bottoms that you can unscrew. Burglars aren’t likely to clean out your pantry of all tins and cleaning products in the hope that one may contain some cash...

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Free Parking at Manchester Safe Deposit Centre

Manchester city centre location

Those of us whom that frequently visit the city centre of Manchester, know how much of a nightmare it is trying to find somewhere to park.

With high volumes of traffic and even higher parking tariffs, a routine visit to your local deposit centre, to deposit or collect valuables, can often lead to a logistical headache.

The team at the Safe Deposit Centre are aware of the issues many that Deposit Centre customers face when simply trying to access their deposit box and want to make this process as simple,...

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Black Friday Offers

To celebrate Black Friday here at the Safe Deposit Centre we’re offering all of our customers, existing and new, 15% off all Safety Deposit Boxes and Orders, throughout the day on 25 th November.

There has never been a better time to consider protecting your valuables in Manchester’s most secure Safety Deposit Centre, The Safety Deposit Centre is the only deposit centre in the North West with a certified grade 10 vault for the protection of your assets.

This offer is applicable on all of our products and services from on November 25 th.

So if you...

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What Does The Kardashian Robbery Teach Us?

protecting building

Rarely a day goes by when Kim Kardashian West or another member of her extensive family hits the headlines but her recent top story was rather more serious than the usual fluff.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Mrs Kardashian West was robbed at gun point by a gang of thieves posing as police officers. The robbery happened at the Hotel de Pourtalés, a townhouse in Paris, and resulted in $10 million worth of jewellery being stolen and her being bound and gagged while the ordeal took place....

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Do You Have Valuable Coins in Your Pocket?

coin collection

Billions of pounds worth of coins exchange hands across the country every day but how closely do you look at the coins in your wallet or purse before handing them over?

Could you have missed out on a rare one worth more than its original value? Keep your eyes out for these special coins and you could find yourself with a tidy sum. Following the news that a new batch of Olympic commemorative coins have been released into circulation, The Safe Deposit Centre take a look at some of...

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