Increased Demand for Safe Deposit Boxes


Over the past few years, there has been a reduction in the number of banks offering safe deposit facilities. Due to this, many people have had to locate alternative storage options for their valuables. 

As bank safe deposit box facilities are closing, the requirement for secure lockers at private centres has seen a rapid increase.

Global Demand for Safe Deposit Storage

Since 2010, the UK has seen several high-street banks withdraw or phase-out their safe deposit facilities, which has only caused a higher need for these facilities. It isn’t just the UK that has been...

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Security at Fort Knox


Fort Knox, the site of the United States Bullion Depository, is located just outside of an army base in the hills of Kentucky. The facility was completed in 1936 and is designed to withstand any form of attack. Entrance to the facility is impossible due to the large amount of security measures taken to ensure this cannot be done. It cost just over $500,000 to build.

What is held in Fort Knox?

Mainly, the facility is, and always has been used as a vault for the US gold reserves to be stored within. Over the years,...

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The Baker Street Robbery

One of Britain’s most infamous robberies occurred in 1971 on Baker Street in London. The heist was so widely talked about that, just as the more recent Hatton Garden Heist was turned into a film titled The Bank Job.

But why did this robbery become one of the most talked about, or in some cases least talked about jobs in British criminal history?

The Robbery 

In 1971 a gang of professional, experienced criminals carried out a semi-successful bank raid, which has been talked about for decades.

The gang managed to tunnel their way into a vault containing hundreds of safe...

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The Vaults At The Teikoku Bank


The Hiroshima Disaster

The Teikoku Bank opened in 1925 as the Mitsui Bank in Hiroshima, Japan. When the bank was taken over, it contained the same Mosler vaults which eventually survived the atomic blast in the Hiroshima disaster in 1945.

The two-story structure was just 360 metres from the hypocentre of the bomb and all that was left was its façade and the Mosler vaults. At the time of the attack, which occurred at 8:15am local time, the bank had 6 night duty staff and 12 or 13 female employees working. None of...

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Who’s Got Their Eyes on Your Valuables?


Are you going away on a nice little summer holiday soon? Ensuring your valuables are protected whilst you’re not there is crucial. No one wants to come back from a lovely relaxing holiday to find that their home has been targeted by thieves because it looked unoccupied and had valuable items left lying around. Making sure your home won’t become a target for burglars can actually be done quite easily whilst you’re away. In this article we will provide you with some tips on how to keep your home and belongings safe,...

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