Protect valuables in a low cost security deposit box

Security deposit boxes available in Manchester

Looking to store your valued items in a secure location outside of the home? Our security deposit boxes offer the ideal solution at an affordable rate. Whether you want to store bank notes, jewellery, important documents or family heirlooms, a security deposit box provides a secure location outside of the home for these valued goods to remain protected.

Security deposit boxes, or safe deposit box services were common facilities housed in many bank premises, however in recent years many banks are no longer offering security deposit boxes or safe deposit box services. Due...

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How To Choose The Right Safety Deposit Boxes Sizes

A safe deposit box is usually used in storing valuables while you are away. You can rent a safe deposit box to keep your items when you want them safe. These boxes can be accessed by pin numbers, cards, or using biometric means. Valuables such as documents, jewellery, and other items can be placed on the box, and you can be sure of the safety of your items. Renting a safe box for the period of your absence or permanent storage of valuable items and this will ensure that you avoid theft and you can supervise your...

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High Security Storage Solutions available in Manchester City Centre

Looking for high security storage solutions for your valuables? The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester has a range of deposit boxes to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you are looking for high security storage solutions to protect cash or valuables, or you would just prefer to have valued items in a secure location outside of the home, at The Safe Deposit Centre we pride ourselves on providing secure storage for our clients.

With our state-of-the-art security system, and the only safe deposit centre in the North West to house a Grade 10 Vault, our clients can rest assured that we are providing...

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Informative guide to explain: what is a safe deposit box?

Keeping your valuables in a secure location is essential in ensuring that they cannot be damaged, lost or stolen, but what is the best security solution for this? Safes can be costly and sometimes not necessary, so a safe deposit box could be perfect for your needs! If you are wondering ‘What is a safe deposit box?’ then this informative guide can help.

A safe deposit box can provide the most beneficial solution for a place to store valuables in some cases, however, if you are unsure what a safe deposit box is, then obviously this would not...

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Hatton Garden Heist Arrests


Police make new arrests in the hunt for the ringleader of the Hatton Garden heist.

On the 28 th March 2018, Scotland Yard announced that they had arrested who they believe to be the last missing member of the Hatton Garden heist gang, ‘Basil’.

What Happened in the Hatton Garden Heist?

The Hatton Garden heist took place over the Easter Weekend in 2015.

A gang of seven men, were involved in the robbery targeting the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company. Around £14 million was stolen in what is considered to be the largest burglary...

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