Hatton Gardens: What Went Wrong?

The recent raid at the Hatton Gardens Safe Deposit Centre has highlighted the importance of sticking to strict security protocols, but when it comes down to the bare facts – what went wrong?

The main downfall of the security at the Hatton Gardens Safe Deposit Centre was that the thieves had 60 uninterrupted hours to break into the vault, despite alarms notifying the authorities of a break in.

Secure Lockers Manchester

The Safe Deposit Centre has enhanced layers of security protocol and uses innovative technology that ensure that an event like this never occurs.

The centre utilises an advanced CCTV...

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New Safe Deposit Centre in Manchester

The Safe Deposit Centre is Manchester’s newest safe deposit centre, launching in June 2015 in the heart of Manchester City Centre.

The owners of The Safe Deposit Centre have a wealth of over 100 years combined knowledge of the security industry, specialising in the protection of cash and valuables, ensuring peace of mind for all of our customers.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Our vaults have been manufactured and built to the highest standard, using tried and tested manufacturers from across the world. We have the latest access control technology ensuring security at all times for...

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