Hatton Garden Heist Suspects Plead Guilty

John Collins, Daniel Jones, Terry Perkins and Brian Reader all pleaded guilty at Woolwich Crown Court today.

Dubbed Dad's Army, nine suspects aged between 42 and 76, have been charged with conspiracy to burgle and launder proceeds from the heist at Hatton Garden Safety Deposit Centre in London’s Hatton Garden over the Easter Bank Holiday Weekend in April 2015.

Amongst the suspects are Terry Perkins, 67, of Heene Road, Daniel Jones, 58, of Park Avenue, and Hugh Doyle, 48, of Riverside Gardens, all from Enfield, north London; William Lincoln, 60, of Winkley Street, Bethnal Green, east London, and John...

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Loan Shark Couple Are Jailed

A despicable pair of loan sharks have been jailed for charging up to 5,000% interest and even marched one elderly couple to a cash point at midnight to get £140 of their £141 pension.

  • Elizabeth Powell and boyfriend Paul Bow both jailed for 12 months
  • Couple targeted residents struggling to get enough money to buy food
  • Judge described the pair as 'ruthless' in their 'bullying and intimidation'

A couple who provided cash loans for struggling families and elderly members of the community and then forced them to pay 5,000 per cent interest have been jailed, for 12 months each.


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Manchester Amongst Top Cities For Burglaries

Manchester is Number 3 on List of Cities and Towns Targeted for Burglaries.

The top 10 cities /towns for burglary frequency:

  1. Bradford
  2. London
  3. Manchester
  4. Leeds
  5. Oldham
  6. Milton Keynes
  7. Coventry
  8. Huddersfield
  9. Sheffield
  10. Redhill

With Manchester amongst the top 3 most burgled cities in the North West, we urge you to keep your cash, jewellery and most valuable possessions safe and secure in our Grade 10 vault with finger print access at The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester.

November saw an average of 10 per cent increase in burglary frequency last year, with the first week in December seeing a rise of 25 per cent, according to analysis from the over 50s...

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Biometric Technology at The Safe Deposit Centre

Biometric technology has been rapidly developing over recent years and to many consumers, is considered one of the most secure methods of access control and identification technology; however, many have misconceptions about how the technology works. 

A common misconception of biometric technology is that images of a fingerprint or iris are saved and stored somewhere within the unit or software, but this is not the case. Biometric locking systems work by scanning a finger or iris (for example) and creating a unique code via a mathematic algorithm –becoming your unique digital identity.

Should anyone get hold of...

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Manchester Gold Thieves Jailed

During the summer of 2014, 21 families within the Asian community were targeted during Ramadan in a spate of burglaries which saw thieves bag up to £100,000 in gold, jewelry, cash, electrical and sentimental items.

The thieves had meticulously planned the despicable crimes over the space of 3 months, targeting families during prayer times when the thieves knew many would be out at the mosque instead of in their homes.

Many of the items stolen included high value, gold jewelry which has been handed down through the generations and had been given as wedding gifts – a sentimental value that...

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