Keep Your Christmas Presents Safe

If you’re spending a great deal of time finding that special (and often quite expensive) gift for your loved one this Christmas, it’s vital you find the best possible place to store it.

Remember when you were a child and your family would store Christmas presents in the most obvious of places; the bottom of the wardrobe or in the drawer amongst their socks? Remember how easy it was to find them?

Now think about all that time you’ve spent trying to find the...

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Bank vs Private Safe Deposit Centres

Safe deposit boxes in banks are few and far between…

Over the past decade, many banks have closed the doors of their safe deposit box facilities to new customers which created a gap in the market for the rise of private safe deposit centres.

While banks were phasing out their safe deposit box services, many former users where left worried about where they would store their valuables. Most didn’t feel confident that their homes were secure enough to store items of that value so they turned to private...

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5 Benefits of a Virtual Business Address

Hundreds of people and businesses around the world use virtual business addresses to receive their mail. Sometimes they regularly collect what mail has been received and other times they may request for the mail to be scanned and sent over via email. 

There are a number of reasons you could benefit from having a virtual business address and today we’re going to run through five of the best.

Virtual Business Address Benefits

1. Have your mail received through a secure postal address.

If you work from home or share an office building with a number of other businesses, a virtual...

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The Top 5 Safe Deposit Box Myths

safe deposit box myths

1. Unusual items are kept in safe deposit boxes

A long-missing painting by Vincent Van Gogh was discovered in Spain by tax collectors who were going through the contents of a safe deposit box. The work of art, entitled "Cypress, Sky and Country," is thought to have been missing for about four decades.

This is a very unusual case. Most people who rent safe deposit boxes don’t have items of priceless, rare art. Safe deposit boxes are often used to store family jewellery, important documents and expensive electrical items.

2. It’s just like in the movies


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A Beginner's Guide to Safe Deposit Boxes

What is a Safe Deposit Box?

Safe deposit boxes, commonly misnamed as safety deposit boxes, are boxes ranging in size from just big enough to fit a ring box to large enough to store a wealth of precious items. They are often found in high security vaults guarded by a range of access control technologies. But it wasn’t always like this…

A Brief History

Safe deposit boxes have been around for centuries, since not long after the banking system was brought in and, in the early days, only the banks offered them. Your valuables would be stored in old,...

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