Brexit Sparks Spike in Luxury Assets

Gold bars

Following the EU referendum on the 23rd of June and the subsequent Brexit vote which has divided the nation, we have now entered a period of uncertainty. 

There have been plenty of claims flying around the media about what will happen to the UK and its economy following the decision to leave. In the immediate aftermath, the value of the pound sterling sunk to the lowest levels seen since 1985 and has continued to fluctuate since.

Although we have seen some improvements in the...

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Burglary Prevention Advice

Neighbourhood watch week

During this year’s 
National Neighbourhood Watch Week, we’ve collected some of the most useful burglary prevention advice for residents in Greater Manchester and the surrounding areas.

What is National Neighbourhood Watch Week?

Neighbourhood Watch was set up with the aim of bringing “neighbours together to create strong, friendly, active communities where crime and anti-social behaviour are less likely to happen.” The scheme itself originated in the USA in 1964 until eventually moving over to the UK in 1982. After 25 years of local Neighbourhood Watch...

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What Do People Keep In A Safe Deposit Box?

Safety deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes come in a wide range of sizes to allow for the storage of lots of different kinds of items. If you’re considering renting a safe deposit box but are unsure of what the contents should be, take a look at this article for a run-down of the most common items stored in safe deposit boxes and a few more unusual ones.


The most common forms of jewellery to store in safe deposit boxes is dowry jewellery and Asian gold. Many families feel that a...

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Asian Gold Burglaries Highlight Security Need

A number of burglaries have taken place across Greater Manchester over the last six months targeting families with Asian gold. The burglaries haven’t been narrowed down to a small area in Manchester but have affected areas across the county including Cheetham, Broughton, Salford and Stockport.

The most recent burglary in Cheetham left a woman in the 40s with serious head injuries. The thieves, three men, broke into her home which also housed her disabled husband and elderly mother and stole her gold jewellery, attacking her in the process. It is thought to be...

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Everything You Need to Know About Gold

Gold storage

No, we’re not talking about a classic catchy tune by an 80s band, we’re talking about the element discovered thousands of years ago and now commonly found in jewellery, electrical connectors and even food and drink. 

Jewellery accounts for 60% of the world gold demand each year while 10% of the world consumption goes to the electricals industry with a typical mobile phone containing around 50mg of gold. Food and drink may not be the first things we think of when we think of gold but gold leaf, flake...

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