Is Social Media Putting Valuables at Risk?

In today’s world, social media is a much used tool for keeping in touch with family and friends and updating them on what you’re doing but it could also be putting your valuables at risk.

As the popularity of sites such as Facebook and Twitter continues to increase, many people start to forget the security risks of putting too much information online for anyone to see. While we all know not to put our bank details or other secure information on social media sites, but it is other pieces of information we...

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Coventry Police Anti-Burglary Campaign

Coventry Police Campaign – Controversial or Clever?

Last week, Coventry Police took part in an anti-burglary stunt which has divided opinion among residents and social media users alike.

On Tuesday police in the city let themselves into homes which were not securely locked and posted the pictures on social media. The stunt was arranged to highlight the importance of locking your front doors to prevent burglars from being able to easily enter your property.

As you can imagine, there have been some strong opinions on both side of the argument questioning whether...

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Your Holiday Security Checklist

It’s that time of year when we’ve been back at work for a few weeks after Christmas and our minds begin to wander towards the next holiday season, summer. Travel companies have got their enticing deals on and the more organised among us will have got their two weeks away booked already.

Before you get too excited about relaxing on the beach or backpacking over mountains, it is vital that you make sure everything at home is secure before you depart and you are not advertising your home to...

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Increase in Burglaries Prompts Concern

A sharp rise in burglaries in Darwen, Lancashire over the festive period has prompted a police warning to remain vigilant in the New Year.

Darwen neighbourhood police have noted that incidents of burglary in the area have more than doubled since Christmas 2012 with last year seeing the sharpest increase. While police have stepped up operations to catch those responsible, they have also warned homeowners to remain vigilant in order to not become victims of these crimes themselves.

Suggestions to residents included keeping an eye out for people acting suspiciously around properties and...

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How Safe Are Your Valuables?

Barely a day goes by without news outlets being plastered with stories of burglaries and robberies so the question that is begging to be answered is…how safe are your valuables?

Back in October, UK Crime Stats released their data and statistics relating to the number of different kinds of crime committed in the UK as well as individual counties and districts.

Over the course of the year (from November 2014 to October 2015) 46,632 robberies took place in the UK with over three thousand of...

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