UK Security Fears

Fear Of Online Payments

According to a recent study, almost 4 out of 5 (77%) of British consumers are fearful of new payment methods. This is due to the fear of fraudulent activity occurring both in person and online. Over the recent years, there have been many new attempts to make payment options easier. These attempts have included the use of contactless cards, mobile payment via Apple pay and even the use a near field communication (NFC) chip that one man implanted in his...

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Is Your Password Robust Enough?

World Password Day

Every year we celebrate national holidays, one of which being World Password Day. Passwords hold the key to our digital lives so keeping track of these and making sure they are secure is essential. Identity fraud reached its highest levels in 2016 with almost 173,000 reported incidents, 9/10 of which were committed online. 

Through the use of hacking social accounts or servers, these cyber criminals can gain access to a wealth of personal information with which they can then use to access bank accounts, sign up for websites under your name or...

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How To Avoid Targeted Robberies

Advice on avoiding targeted robberies

Social Media Risks

Over the past few years the use of social media has increased dramatically. This, of course, can create both positive and negative outcomes depending on the type of content you post. For example, posting images of expensive and valuable items you may have received for a birthday or Christmas present can, in fact, draw the wrong kind of attention to you and your possessions. In order to minimise the risk of being subject to a targeted robbery it is wise to ensure your social media accounts...

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Best Places to Store Valuables in the Home

If you have items in your home that you wish to protect but don’t have room for in your safe or feel as though you may not require one, then here are some ideas on sneaky places to hide your valuables and keep them out of a burglars view.

False containers

Many companies now produce false containers such as soup cans, cleaning products and coke cans that have bottoms that you can unscrew. Burglars aren’t likely to clean out your pantry of all tins and cleaning products in the hope that one may contain some cash...

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Free Parking at Manchester Safe Deposit Centre

Manchester city centre location

Those of us whom that frequently visit the city centre of Manchester, know how much of a nightmare it is trying to find somewhere to park.

With high volumes of traffic and even higher parking tariffs, a routine visit to your local deposit centre, to deposit or collect valuables, can often lead to a logistical headache.

The team at the Safe Deposit Centre are aware of the issues many that Deposit Centre customers face when simply trying to access their deposit box and want to make this process as simple,...

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