Best Places to Store Valuables in the Home

Date Posted: 06-04-2017

If you have items in your home that you wish to protect but don’t have room for in your safe or feel as though you may not require one, then here are some ideas on sneaky places to hide your valuables and keep them out of a burglars view.

False containers

Many companies now produce false containers such as soup cans, cleaning products and coke cans that have bottoms that you can unscrew. Burglars aren’t likely to clean out your pantry of all tins and cleaning products in the hope that one may contain some cash or jewellery.

Hollowed out books

If you have an extensive library in your home it is wise to store some valuables inside a hollowed out book, it is very unlikely that burglars will attempt to steal your literature collection and even more unlikely they will waste time searching through each book to find one that could be hollowed out. However if you don’t have many books on display in your home then it will be a lot easier for burglars to search through them and take your belongings.

hollow book, hiding solutions

In old VHS tapes

VHS tapes aren’t exactly on high demand anymore due to DVD’s so burglars probably will not bother trying to steal those and sell them on. Hiding small items in the tapes and boxes will keep them out of view and off the burglar’s radar.

Hiding valuables at home

Underneath floor panels

If you have any removable floor panels this is a good, secure place to hide any valuables as burglars want to get in and out of your home as quickly as possible so they aren’t likely to try and pull apart the flooring of your home at the chance you could have placed your belongings under there.

hidden under the floor storage panels

Picture frames

Many burglars will check behind the picture frame as this is a common hiding place for small items such as cash, however they very rarely take the frame apart. Hide anything you would have stashed behind the frame in between the backing and the picture, this way it is still not visible but not likely to be found either.

picture frame hidden storage

House plants

The soil in these plants can be contained in a waterproof lining in order to ensure any items you may wish to hide in the bottom of the pot are kept hidden and protected from any water damage. We would also suggest keeping your items in a waterproof container along with the lining of the plant to make sure they are completely guarded from the water.

house plants, hidden storage for valuables

In your kids room

This may seem daunting as you probably won’t want to hide very important or expensive items in amongst your children’s toys however burglars very rarely enter kids’ rooms, there tends to be too much mess for them to sift through trying to find something of value. Hiding small items inside old children’s toys or in a false bottom toy chest will keep them out of the burglars’ way.

messy room


Of course a safe would be the most secure way to protect your valuables in your home as it can be mounted to the floor so that even if a burglar notices you have a safe they won’t be able to get into it or take it with them.

SMP safes

Safety Deposit Boxes

Of course if you are not comfortable hiding valuables all over your home and feel like you do not require a safe, then a safe deposit box is the perfect solution. We offer safety deposit boxes from £40. We are located in Manchester City Centre and are the only centre in the North West to have a Grade 10 vault. Our centre is open 7 days a week and we have free parking for all our customers. Our boxes can be insured for up to £100,000 via our approved partners and our staff have over 100 years of combined experience so you can be sure your valuable items are in good hands!

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