What Does The Kardashian Robbery Teach Us?

Date Posted: 06-10-2016

protecting building

Rarely a day goes by when Kim Kardashian West or another member of her extensive family hits the headlines but her recent top story was rather more serious than the usual fluff.

Earlier this week, it was reported that Mrs Kardashian West was robbed at gun point by a gang of thieves posing as police officers. The robbery happened at the Hotel de Pourtalés, a townhouse in Paris, and resulted in $10 million worth of jewellery being stolen and her being bound and gagged while the ordeal took place. Since then there has been an outpouring of well wishes to Mrs Kardashian West for a speedy recovery and also some speculation about how the thieves got through the suspected levels of security high profile celebrities have in place everywhere they go. Unfortunately robbery is something experienced by a large number of people every year and while the police do everything they can to catch the perpetrators, there are some things the everyday person can do to make sure their valuables are as protected as they can be.

Promotion of Possessions on Social Media

Kim Kardashian West has one of the most followed set of social media accounts in the world with almost 48.5 million Twitter followers and a massive 84.3 million users following her updates on Instagram. That’s not to mention her followers on new celebrity favourite, Snapchat. She can often be seen on these platforms promoting the clothes and accessories she wears leaving everyone in no doubt as to the value of her possessions.

While this promotion might provide extra income for her, it can also attract the darker side of life in the public eye; thieves. Before this particular event, Mrs Kardashian West had been at Paris Fashion Week wearing several outfits and different matching accessories. As a result, she had suitcases full to the brim with designer clothes and more than $10 million worth of jewellery in her Paris apartment at the time of the robbery. It has also been reported that she sent a snapchat to her fans that night showing off her 15-carat diamond ring which may or may not have attracted the thieves to her.

Kim Kardashian West is not the first person (including members of the general public) who have had their possessions stolen by thieves who have seen the items on social media. This is why it is so commonly advised not to advertise your possessions, whereabouts or plans online as you never know who may be watching.

Storage of High Value Items

Other reports have claimed that Kardashian West didn’t have her valuables protected within the apartment with the use of a safe. It is likely that with the quick turnaround on outfits, jewellery had not been properly secured making it easier for the intruders to escape with the items relatively quickly. Had they been stored in a hotel safe, this may have delayed them long enough for the alarm to be raised.

However, even better, the jewellery and items of higher worth that were not needed at the time could have been stored securely in a safe deposit facility ensuring that there was nowhere near as many possessions on hand for the intruders to steal.

The Safe Deposit Centre

While no one wants to think about the possibility of being robbed and what has happened to Kim Kardashian West is a terrible event, it should come as a reminder to store your valuables securely. Whether you are a celebrity or a member of the general public, ensuring peace of mind that your valuables are protected is a high priority.

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