What Can I Store Inside My Safe Deposit Box?

Date Posted: 12-01-2018


A safety deposit box provides a secure offsite storage solution for your belongings.

With a range of deposit box sizes available, The Safe Deposit Centre in Manchester is trusted by a wide variation of customers to take care of their valuables and important documents.

Common items stored in a safety deposit box

Common items that can be stored within a safe deposit locker include cash and jewellery, important documents such as passports, birth certificates, wills or deeds; as well as sentimental items such as photographs or family heirlooms. All of these items are permitted to be stored within our Manchester facility.

We treat your privacy as a priority. The contents of your safe deposit box are completely confidential to yourself. We ask every customer to sign and agree to our terms and conditions which clearly outline what is acceptable to keep within our safe deposit boxes.

As the leading supplier of safety deposit boxes in Manchester, we do not permit dangerous or illegal items such as weapons or explosives to be stored at our facility. We are also registered with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to ensure that the contents held in your safe deposit box are not the proceeds of crime or money laundering.

So as long as you are happy to comply with our terms and conditions, and the contents of your safe deposit box are legal, you can securely store a range of valuable items from gold bars to stamp and coin collections.

Added insurance

As well as providing highly secure storage facilities, we also work in partnership with Ellerton Knight to offer the option of safe deposit box insurance for some added peace of mind.

If you’re interested in renting a safe deposit box from The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester then get in touch or call us on 0161 273 7487