Biometric Technology at The Safe Deposit Centre

Date Posted: 13-08-2015

Biometric technology has been rapidly developing over recent years and to many consumers, is considered one of the most secure methods of access control and identification technology; however, many have misconceptions about how the technology works. 

A common misconception of biometric technology is that images of a fingerprint or iris are saved and stored somewhere within the unit or software, but this is not the case. Biometric locking systems work by scanning a finger or iris (for example) and creating a unique code via a mathematic algorithm –becoming your unique digital identity.

Should anyone get hold of this unique digital identity, that identifies only you, it is near impossible for thieves to reengineer the code to create your original print. So only the person with that fingerprint or eye pattern can gain access or open whatever it is being secured with biometric technology – no one else.

The vulnerabilities of passwords, pin codes, ID cards, swipe cards and fobs cause security breaches every day – passwords and codes can be forgotten or guessed and swipe cards, fobs, keys and ID cards misplaced or stolen. Utilising biometric technology takes away this threat to security, giving you ultimate peace of mind.

Safe Deposit Access

At The Safe Deposit Centre we use biometric technology to ensure only authorised personnel can access restricted areas, we use this to verify the identity of our customers and grant them access to their safe deposit box.

Registering a user takes half the time as printing an access card or programming a fob and eliminates the cost of the physical pass or fob.

If you are interested in renting a safe deposit box, or would like more information on our access procedures, call 0161 273 7487.