Utilise your own security deposit box here at The Safe Deposit Centre.

Date Posted: 10-01-2019

Are you looking for a secure space outside of your home to store and protect your valuable possessions? Here at the Safe Deposit Centre in Manchester we have state of the art security and access control technologies surrounding our security deposit box service. We believe that this provides the ideal option to secure your valuables while offering convenience and confidentiality.

Here at the Safe Deposit Centre, we understand that with the decreasing availability of bank safe deposit boxes, the demand for convenient secure vaults and safety deposit box services are increasing. With this in mind, we have created our security deposit box service to cater to our customers security requirements.

Open 7 days of the week, our Safe Deposit Centre is ideal to store items such as jewellery, cash, family heirlooms, wills, confidential documentation and valuable and sentimental objects. Although we do not request the contents of your security deposit box, we do however require our customers to sign our terms and conditions to ensure that illegal or dangerous items aren’t included. These items include living organisms, weapons, explosives or illegal cash.

Here at our Manchester based Safe Deposit Centre, our safe deposit boxes are stored within a grade 10 vault, providing an unparalleled level of security for your valuables. Additionally, our clients can rest assured that their valuable items are secured from unauthorised access or removal, due to our highly secure access procedures. 

Here at the Safe Deposit Centre, we understand how valuable and irreplaceable your personal items are, and that is why we couldn’t recommend our security deposit boxes enough to safely store them in. There are many benefits of our security deposit box service, including peace of mind that the risk of theft or damage is significantly reduced by storing your items in a secure facility. 

Alongside providing physical security, we also have available contents insurance for our security deposit box service. Our standard insurance cover, MySecurityBox will protect your personal valuables within your security box for up to £500,000. With our premium contents insurance, you will also receive an additional £100,000 cover for your items when away from our facility. Our insurance policies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and will provide protection for your security deposit box and its contents.

If you are looking for a secure storage solution to protect your belongings and personal valuables outside of your home, and are looking for a convenient service, select our security deposit box here at the Safe Deposit Centre in Manchester.

If a security deposit box sounds like the ideal security storage option for you, we have a variety or rental contracts available to suit your personal needs. Starting from as little as £40 for a 3-month contract, the cost of our security deposit box ranges depending on personal requirements, the grading of your deposit box and the length of your contract. To discuss our security deposit box costs and our annual fee option, contact our team today on 0161 273 7487 / info@thesafedepositcentre.co.uk