The Vaults At The Teikoku Bank

Date Posted: 03-08-2017


The Hiroshima Disaster

The Teikoku Bank opened in 1925 as the Mitsui Bank in Hiroshima, Japan. When the bank was taken over, it contained the same Mosler vaults which eventually survived the atomic blast in the Hiroshima disaster in 1945.

The two-story structure was just 360 metres from the hypocentre of the bomb and all that was left was its façade and the Mosler vaults. At the time of the attack, which occurred at 8:15am local time, the bank had 6 night duty staff and 12 or 13 female employees working. None of these, however, survived the attack.

Advertising Controversy 

Mosler, the company who commissioned the vaults, took the controversial opportunity to use this disaster as a marketing lead, less than 12 months after its occurrence. They advertised their products to be ‘unbreakable’ and ‘atomic-bomb proof’.

In a statement from an unnamed US Army Lieutenant who visited the remains of the city of Hiroshima, he claimed that the Mosler vaults were completely intact. The only visible damage to the vaults was burn marks on their exterior. He further went on to say that the two vaults commissioned by the Tokyo firm, Takeucho, which were also found at the Teikoku bank remains, were completely destroyed. Their doors had blown off the hinges and the sides had been crushed by the weight of the buildings collapse. The Lieutenant claimed that this shows the ‘superiority of American equipment’.

Importance of Protecting Possessions

The ‘Atomic Age’ was a time of much apprehension and anxiety, fear of ‘The Reds’ and nuclear fallout coursed through everyone. It seemed at the time that safeguarding ones material possessions and livelihood became as important as protecting loved ones.

What Happened to Mosler

Over the next few decades, Mosler continued to achieve great successes, including appointing one vault which held the original Declaration of Independence. However, despite these successes, the company began to fail in the wake of economic decline and imbalance, along with the rise in oversees competition. They closed in 2001 due to bankruptcy.

Modern Day Protection of Valuables

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