The Mysterious World of Safe Deposit Boxes

Date Posted: 10-09-2015

Once used to store people's most treasured possessions and valuables, now they're a service that banks no longer offer. What's inside them these days?

In vaults and strong rooms below our ordinary streets are rows of locked containers filled with secrets and treasure.

The contents of each is precious to someone. Valuable jewellery or important documents, maybe. Or papers and photographs whose worth is purely sentimental to that person. You can picture the occasional spy stashing a false passport for an emergency getaway.

Bank Safe Deposit Box

Most high street banks are phasing safe deposit boxes out, with some closing the service to new customers and others clearing out their vaults altogether. It's now common for solicitors to store papers, such as wills, trusts or house deeds.

Popular culture remains captivated by safe deposit boxes; like Harry Potter entering the vault at Gringotts Wizarding Bank; Or Jason Bourne finding fake documents & passports, piles of different currency and a pistol as he discovers his former identity. Central to the plot of the recent film A Most Wanted Man, based on a John Le Carre novel, was a safe deposit box stuffed with euros.

Some of the movies in which safe deposit boxes play a vital role:

  1. Casino (1995) - Ace (Robert De Niro) stuffs a safe deposit box with cash & jewellery and gives the key to Ginger (Sharon Stone)
  2. Sexy Beast (2000) - Gal (Ray Winstone) is forced to leave the comfort of his Spanish villa to raid security deposit boxes in a bank vault
  3. Bourne Identity (2002) - Having lost his memory, Jason Bourne looks for clues in a safe deposit box in a Zurich bank. It contains several passports, bank notes and a handgun
  4. Inside Man (2006) - Denzel Washington and Chiwetel Ejiofor investigate an elaborate bank heist, centering on the contents of a safe deposit box that may provide clues to a business tycoon's past.

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