The Coca-Cola Safe Deposit Vault

Date Posted: 21-09-2017


Safe deposit boxes and vaults are used all over the world for the secure storage of valuable and expensive items by both individuals and business alike.

Coca-Cola is one such business with one of the world’s most intriguing safe deposit vaults!

Why Does Coca-Cola Have A Safe Deposit Vault?

Since the invention of Coca-Cola by Dr. John S Pemberton in 1886, the formula has always been regarded as a closely kept secret.

The recipe has been kept under lock and key since 1919 when Coca-Cola used the top-secret formula as collateral for a bank loan. Initially stored at the bank, the recipe was moved to SunTrust Banks Inc in 1925 following the repayment of the loan. Today the protection of the company’s well-kept secret falls to a purpose built safe deposit vault.

Although it may seem odd that a beverage company had a safe deposit vault specially commissioned for the protection of a recipe, this high-security measure ensures that the formula will remain well guarded against competitors and curious members of the public.

Where Is The Vault Located

The Coca-Cola Vault is located within the World of Coca-Cola Museum in Atlanta.

Built in 2007, the design of the vault door resembles a cylindrical can design and features a Coca-Cola bottle. It is thought to be operated by a digital keypad and handprint scanner, although the company refuses to reveal whether these are part of the actual security system or whether they are just for show.

Keeping Valuables Secure

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