The Benefits of a Virtual Business Address

Date Posted: 02-10-2017


A virtual business address can have many benefits for both small and large businesses alike. 

Companies all over the world are taking advantage of the opportunity to conduct all of their business online, whilst having their physical post stored securely at a virtual business address facility such as The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester. 

With the freedom to collect your mail or to have it scanned and sent via an email, you’re able to run your business from home or on the go, whilst also maintaining the privacy of your home address and giving your customers a professional first impression of your business.

5 Benefits of a Virtual Business Address

1. Easily Handle Large Amounts of Mail Off Site

Many businesses, especially those of a larger size, receive high volumes of post each day can be very time consuming to sort and send to the necessary departments or recipients. 

By using a virtual business address this hassle can be diminished as all post is organised off-site and can be collected by the addressee or scanned to their inboxes.

2. Reduce Office Paper Waste and Save Time

By having an off-site handler organise and sort through your business mail you will save precious time that could be spent on tasks of higher importance. 

Choosing to have post scanned and emailed over will not only help to save time, but it also saves paper waste at the office.

3. Use The City Centre Address to Your Advantage 

Potential customers will always judge you based on the first impressions they have of your business. 

By advertising your postal address in the city centre, this could boost the number of clients and customers showing interest in your services.

4. Nationwide Expansion for Your Business

Advertising your postal address in another city to where you are based could be a cheap yet effective way to show potential customers that your services are available throughout the country without having to shell out for further pricey office spaces.

5. Secure Receiver of Post

By using a virtual business address, you can be sure that all post delivered is kept in a secure location. If there are ever any important documents being delivered you can be confident that they will be handled with care.

Virtual Business Address In Manchester

At The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester, we not only offer secure storage for valuables in a safe deposit box, but we also offer virtual business address facilities. We’re conveniently located in Manchester city centre and offer free on-site parking for all our customers.

Our virtual business address services start from only £25 per month and work as 1-month rolling contracts, so you won’t ever feel as though you’re tied into anything. 

Find out more about our virtual business address services or pop into Victoria House, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 7DB for a chat.