Stories Inside Safe Deposit Boxes

Date Posted: 17-03-2016

When the renter of a safe deposit box passes away and there are no known next of kins, the boxes need to be opened to investigate further. This is when a wealth of stories are discovered.

Over in the USA, property controller Lauren Brewer spends her days sorting possessions that have been left behind when the holder of a safe deposit box dies. Brewer has concluded that there is a common theme among the holders of safe deposit boxes and humans in general;

"We're collectors, I think. We like to store what we view as our treasures,"

She has sorted through possessions from comic books to marriage licences and everything in between. Sometimes the contents can hold an air of mystery around them making her and her colleagues wonder what prompted the deceased to need to secure these items away from damage and prying eyes.

Overall, the main aim of Brewer’s team is to reunite the items with family members as often as they possibly can. One particular story she recalls was when they recovered a Purple Heart (a military decoration in America awarded to wounded or killed servicemen). They knew the item must contain a great deal of sentimental value to someone so set about trying to track down the soldier’s daughter. They eventually found her in Memphis and she’d had no idea the medal existed.

This was an emotional experience for all involved but also shows that it’s not always valuable items we feel the need to store in a secure place, sometimes the value is purely sentimental.

She has even discovered love letters before from long lost lovers of the past; 1943 to be exact, delivered to their recipient by airmail. It’s not all sunshine and flowers though as Brewer explains she now has to wear gloves while looking through the boxes following the discovery of a box holding just hair and a fingernail clipping.

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