Stay Safe During The Holidays

Date Posted: 22-12-2017


Christmas and New Year is time for festive celebrations and family fun. Ensuring your home, valuables and Christmas goodies are secure will provide peace of mind whilst you enjoy visiting family and friends.

Top Tips

This time of year provides an abundance of opportunity to let your hair down and celebrate with your friends, family and colleagues.

Having fun over Christmas and New Year is important but staying safe should always be your priority. The last thing you want on an evening out celebrating is to lose your personal belongings or hurt yourself.

We’ve pulled together a few top tips and handy resources to help make sure you stay safe this Christmas.

Don’t drink and drive

If you’re planning to drink alcohol, you also need to plan how to get home safely. Agree a designated driver with your family and friends, save some taxi numbers in your phone or find out what public transport is available. You also need to think before you drive the morning after as you may still be over the legal driving limit.

Visit Think for information on drink driving laws, the consequences and more advice on staying safe.

Festive fire safety

Many of the little things we all enjoy around the holidays can create fire hazards if proper care isn’t taken. Take extra caution around candles, paper hats and Christmas decorations.

The Cheshire Fire Service has published 12 days of Christmas fire safety tips to help you stay fire safe during the party season.

Party safe

With many people enjoying Christmas nights out with family, friends and colleagues, it’s important to make sure you stay with your group, have a plan for getting home safely and never leave your drinks unattended.

Take a look at our recent article on staying safe on a night out.

Secure Your Belongings

Keeping your valuable items safe is important at all times of the year, not just at Christmas. If you don’t have access to a home safe or somewhere secure to keep your valuable belongings, why not consider a safe deposit box?

The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester is the only facility in the North-West to house a Grade 10 vault. Providing the highest possible levels of protection for your valuables, our safe deposit boxes offer a range of benefits from just £40 for a 3-month contract, with easy access procedures.

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