Security at Fort Knox

Date Posted: 16-08-2017


Fort Knox, the site of the United States Bullion Depository, is located just outside of an army base in the hills of Kentucky. The facility was completed in 1936 and is designed to withstand any form of attack. Entrance to the facility is impossible due to the large amount of security measures taken to ensure this cannot be done. It cost just over $500,000 to build.

What is held in Fort Knox?

Mainly, the facility is, and always has been used as a vault for the US gold reserves to be stored within. Over the years, the vaults have also contained the English Crown Jewels, the Magna Carta, the original Declaration of Independence & US Constitution and gold reserves from several countries in Europe which were occupied in World War II.

The site is estimated to hold around 2.3% of all of the gold ever refined throughout history. As of April 2016, the holdings of gold inside Fort Knox equalled 4,582 tonnes and had a worth of around $180 billion, which is why you can understand how tight the security at the facility is.

Security at Fort Knox

Although little is actually known about the security surrounding and inside the facility, likely due to prevent anyone attempting to figure out a way past it, there are many rumours and speculation regarding the security in place.

Supposedly, there are 30,000 soldiers, tanks, armoured personnel carriers, attack helicopters and artillery sat just outside the facility. Of all the rumours, this one has some sense about it due to the facilities location being just next to an army base.

It is also said that the turrets built into the walls of the building were made to handle the Thompson sub-machine gun. Having armed guards in the turrets would provide the height and view advantage to spot anyone who had managed to get onto the premises.

However, getting onto the premises is likely impossible if speculation regarding the surrounding lawn is true. This is supposedly laden with land mines to prevent anyone attempting to get onto the premises, and killing anyone who does attempt it. Also said to be surrounding the premises are electric fences, again stopping anyone getting past.

If by some miracle, someone did manage to get past all of this rumoured security, there is allegedly a battalion of Mint Police inside. And even if someone managed to sneak past the theoretical battalion of officers, each vault door weighs over 20 tonnes and not one single person holds the full combination. These vaults can also be filled with water, drowning any unauthorised person who managed to get inside. 

Manchester Safe Deposit Centre

Of course, anyone would be completely insane to attempt to break into Fort Knox, just as they would be at The Manchester Safe Deposit Centre. Our facility may not have land mines and 30,000 soldiers guarding it, but we do have the only Grade 10 Vault in the North West, ensuring all our customers’ valuables are safely secured. The Safe Deposit Centre uses the latest technology and security to ensure that break ins are largely unlikely to occur.

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