​Safe Deposit Box vs Home Safe

Date Posted: 03-11-2015

As police forces advise individuals to be more vigilant this winter, families and households are considering different ways in which to secure their valuables and important items at home.

Greater Manchester Police are calling on communities to be more vigilant, take greater care in the evenings and keep valuables safe and secure.

The public are being asked to lock their windows and doors, look out for their neighbours and report suspicious activity in an attempt to drive down burglary rates as the nights get darker.

Assistant Chief Constable Garry Shewan from Greater Manchester Police said: “It is no secret that the Force is currently going through some of the most challenging times. Burglary has a devastating effect on victims and we know that where burglaries do occur the impact on neighbours can be equally as bad. It is more important than ever for people to look out for each other.”

Home Security

Many see home safes as a viable option to keep important items safe in the winter months. Home safes certainly have the advantage of being very convenient, as they offer 24 hour access to your valuables in the private home.

However, substantial home safes are often quite expensive and can have additional charges such as installation. Substantial home safes can cost £1000s and installation fees can also be very expensive. Many also see it as inconvenient to bolt the safe to a wall or floor or to create space for a large safe in the home.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Safe deposit boxes are often viewed as more secure and they are also becoming very accessible for customers.

The Safe Deposit Centre in Manchester is open for 7 days a week, offers free unlimited access during opening times and free onsite parking. The centre also has state of the art finger print access and a secure vault, which has the most secure grading in Europe.

Other advantages also include protecting the home from theft, items also cannot be affected by domestic fire or flood, valuables will not be lost or misplaced and family members will be able to access important papers in the event of a death or tragedy.

Many now see safe deposit boxes as the most secure and cost effective way of keeping valuables safe. Contact us today for more information and ensure that your valuables are protected this winter.