Our Safety deposit company based in Manchester, offering security and affordability.

Date Posted: 04-01-2019

Searching for a secure place to store your valuables is difficult nowadays. With the closure of many bank safe deposit boxes, and the risk of leaving valued items unsecured at home, the demand for a safety deposit box service has increased. Here at the Safe Deposit centre, the security of our customers' valued items is our top priority, which is why we have developed a state-of-the-art security system to ensure the items stored within our facility are protected.

Providing accessible, affordable, convenient and secure deposit boxes to store your valuable items is a priority of ours as a company. We pride ourselves on offering our local customers a place that they can trust to ensure their valuables, sentimental objects and confidential information are safe.

Our safety deposit company consists of a secure facility of a grade 10 vault, structured with high-grade steel to offer an unparalleled security solution. We additionally utilise the latest technology and security equipment as a company to reduce the risk of any security breaches or attacks. If you require a highly secure safety deposit box, consider our facility today. We are the only North-West based safety deposit company to offer a grade 10 vault, offering the greatest level of security to store your valuables.

Depending on your personal requirements and budget, our safety deposit boxes vary in size and locking systems. Our box facilities are protected with the latest security technology and offer the selection of both key locking or electronic locking options.

If you are looking for the ideal secure storage solution, with convenience and security as priorities, here at The Safe Deposit Centre we recommend renting a protected safety deposit box from ourselves. If this appeals to you we have an array of contracts available to suit your security requirements and budget. Our contracts for our safety deposit boxes start at £40 for a 3-month contract, offering a highly affordable solution.

Alongside being a leading North-West based safe deposit centre, we also offer affordable insurance policies to cover the contents of your safety deposit box. My Security Box, our insurance partner provides cover up to £500,000 when looking to protect your valuable items. To receive a quote for your safety deposit box insurance, contact our expert team on info@thesafedepositcentre.co.uk / 0161 273 7487.

As a safety deposit company, we have over 100 years of combined experience in offering safety deposit boxes for hire. We can assure you that our highly secure structures offer the ideal level of protection to store your important items. Along with this, we offer convenient and flexible accessibility, ensuring that you can obtain your items situated in your safety deposit box when it suits you.

If you are considering an alternative space to store and protect your valuables, consider our Manchester based safety deposit company today. If you would like to discuss your personal requirements and how our safety deposit boxes can become secure storage solution for you, contact our team on info@thesafedepositcentre.co.uk / 0161 273 7487.