New Yorkers Leave Dogs in Safe Deposit Boxes

Date Posted: 29-03-2016

We have spoken in the past about the weird and wonderful things that have been left in safe deposit boxes but we seem to have found a winner for the most bizarre use for a safe deposit box.

The Dog Parker deposit box scheme has been rolled out on the streets of New York allowing shoppers to bring their pooches along on the trip without having to tie them up outside the shops. The Dog Parker is just a simple box with an electronic opening and the scheme is being trialled in 5 locations across Brooklyn with plans to increase the number to 100 over the coming months.

All users will have pre-bought a membership and proved their dog is up to date on vaccinations. Inside the boxes, there are webcams for staff to monitor the dog’s activity as well as the temperature inside the box so the dogs will not be left completely alone. However; the idea still has its flaws as the boxes cannot currently be used in extreme weather conditions (should you be out shopping on a boiling hot or freezing cold day).

The idea seems to have divided opinion with some dog owners liking the idea of having a safe place to keeps their dogs while they pop in shops or go for a coffee and others finding the idea cruel to keep a dog enclosed.

If these doggy safe boxes prove popular across the pond, we may well see them springing up in UK cities like Manchester.

What do you think? Would a Dog Parker be right up your street?

Here at The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester, we offer a wide range of safe deposit boxes to store your valuables with memberships to suit all (unfortunately we can’t let you store your pets though!) For more information and to find a membership to suit you, please browse our website or call one of our team on 0161 273 7487.

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