Keep valued possessions secure in a safety deposit locker

Date Posted: 15-11-2018


Safety deposit lockers provide a secure storage solution for your valuable possessions in a high-security facility outside of the home which helps to provide peace of mind. Keeping your valued items secure in a safety deposit box will ensure that these items are at a significantly reduced risk of loss, damage or theft. At The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, our facility utilises the latest in access control technologies, providing highly secure access procedures for our customers and ensuring their valuable possessions stored within our safety deposit lockers are completely secure.

Our safe deposit box services are very similar to those once offered in many bank vaults, when banks did offer the safety deposit box services, many of their current account holders had a simple security storage solution, however, once these services were ceased in most banks, their clients were at a loss for a storage solution for their valuable possessions. In using an independent facility, such as The Safe Deposit Centre, our clients can rest assured that the security of their valuable possessions is our number one priority. Our safe deposit boxes can be rented on varying contract lengths to suit all our clients’ needs, and our independent facility is the only safe deposit centre in the North West to house a Grade 10 vault, which provides the highest possible security measures for the valuable possessions kept within the facility.

At The Safe Deposit Centre, we pride ourselves on not only delivering a high-security storage solution for our clients valuable possessions, but also offering high-quality customer service. Our team is highly knowledgeable in regards to safe deposit boxes and security measures to ensure that should you have any queries or enquiries relating to the rentals of safety deposit lockers, our team will be able to provide all the required information.

In order to assure we are providing unparalleled customer service, we are open 7 days a week, allowing for our clients to access their valuable possessions at a time that best suits their needs. Our opening hours are slightly shorter at weekends, however by opening 7 days a week, this allows clients that have limited free time throughout the week to deposit or remove any items from their safety deposit locker.

Having a secure location to store valuable possessions, such as family heirlooms, cash, jewellery or important documentation is essential in achieving peace of mind that these items are not at risk of loss, theft or damage. By storing these valuable items in a secure storage facility such as a safety deposit box, this will ensure that they can only be accessed by authorised account holders of the safety deposit locker, and are not left unsecured within your home.

Family heirlooms and sentimental possessions are essentially priceless and unreplaceable, therefore by ensuring that these are securely stored in a safe deposit locker this will provide assurance that their safety is guaranteed. Renting a security deposit locker provides a wealth of benefits for our clients as the safety of their valuable possessions is removed as a concern, and the likelihood of their home being targeted for burglary is reduced, as valued items are not stored within the premises.

Our safety deposit lockers can also be covered through insurance, with our approved partners MySecurityBox, which will further ensure that your valuable possessions are free from risk of theft, loss or damage. Standard insurance will cover any valuable possessions and cash that reside within your security deposit locker for up to £500,000. Our premium insurance policies can cover your valuables for up to £100,000 outside of the safe deposit box, and provides insurance when your valuable possessions are being carried, worn or when they are within a locked safe. Our insurance policies are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).

Should you decide that a safety deposit locker is the ideal security solution for the storage of your valuable possessions then get in touch with us today. Our rentals start at just £40 for a 3-month contract and we offer a variety of contract lengths to suit all our clients’ security needs. Give us a call on 0161 273 7487 to discuss your safe deposit box requirements with a member of the team today, or email us at