Is There Anything I Shouldn’t Store Within My Safe Deposit Box?

Date Posted: 22-02-2018


We often get asked questions about our safe deposit box service, and questions relating to what can and can’t be stored inside a safety deposit box is perhaps one of the most commonly asked!

Renting a safety deposit box provides a secure place for any valued and sentimental items to be stored in, and knowing valuables are safe can provide peace of mind.

As well as sentimental items, a safe deposit box is also the ideal place for storing important documents, helping to prevent loss or damages.

Not only are safe deposit boxes the perfect place to store documents like this, but they’re also extremely handy for securing any cash or valuables you may not feel comfortable keeping in your home.

Let’s have a look now at some of the things you can’t store inside your safe deposit box.

Safe deposit box rules & regulations

When opening an account with us at The Safe Deposit Centre we ask that you sign our terms and conditions. In these terms and conditions, it is outlined clearly what is and is not acceptable to store within our safe deposit centre. You do not have to disclose what you keep in the box, as this is completely confidential to yourself and any other people who share ownership of the safe deposit box, however, by signing the terms and conditions it is agreed that the contents to do not violate these regulations.

Some of the more plainly obvious items that cannot be stored within our safe deposit facilities include any illegal or otherwise dangerous objects such as weapons or explosives. The Safe Deposit Centre is registered with the FCA which stands for the Financial Conduct Authority, due to this, we require assurance that the contents kept within a rented safe deposit box have not been procured through any criminal activity or money laundering schemes.

Some of the commonly stored items in safe deposit boxes include vital documentation, such as passports, deeds, last will & testament, as well as jewellery, photographs, and letters. Customers will typically store anything that they may not feel confident keeping in the house or those that they feel require extra protection from things like natural disasters, such as fire or flooding.

Have any valued items that you want to secure? Get in touch

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