Informative guide to explain: what is a safe deposit box?

Date Posted: 20-08-2018

Keeping your valuables in a secure location is essential in ensuring that they cannot be damaged, lost or stolen, but what is the best security solution for this? Safes can be costly and sometimes not necessary, so a safe deposit box could be perfect for your needs! If you are wondering ‘What is a safe deposit box?’ then this informative guide can help.

A safe deposit box can provide the most beneficial solution for a place to store valuables in some cases, however, if you are unsure what a safe deposit box is, then obviously this would not be your first port of call to eradicate your security issue.

Safe deposit boxes are secure metal containers that can be found in a security vault, whether that be a bank vault, or in an independent facility, such as our own. Many customers who are registered to store valuable goods in a bank vault usually do so through the company they have a bank account with. However, many banks have been ceasing these services lately, and getting rid of their safe deposit boxes in the bank vaults, so even if a customer had a bank account with that company, they would have to look elsewhere to store their valuables.

Trying to figure out what is a suitable solution for your security needs can be something that takes some time. It is important to first understand what is a crucial element required for the peace of mind you have when your valuables are secure. If a crucial element is keeping valued items that are not often used or required in a separate location to your home, then a safe deposit box provides this for you. Many people would prefer to keep important documentation, such as wills, deeds & insurance information.

A safe deposit box can provide the ideal solution for both long-term and short-term storage. When trying to decide what is a solution for short-term security needs, such as when on holiday, a safe deposit box will more often that not be the ideal option.

If you are thinking you may want to rent a safe deposit box yourself, take a look into the terms and conditions and opening hours at many different facilities. Whether that facility to store valuable items is in a bank vault or an independent facility, like our own, could make a difference to access procedures and frequency of access.

A safe deposit box provides many benefits as a place to store valuables in a secure facility. The most common items stored can include bank notes, family heirlooms, important documents and jewellery. However, The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, along with many of the banks that house bank vaults have regulations on what cannot be stored within their facility. Unacceptable items that are prohibited from being stored within bank vaults and independent facilities include any living organisms, illegal or dangerous items, such as guns and knives, or any items affiliated with crime or money laundering. At The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, we are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority which requires us to ensure that customers who rent a safe deposit box comply with regulations.

If you believe that you can benefit from renting a safe deposit box and protecting your valued items from damage, loss, theft, fire & floods then get in touch with us today. Our safe deposit rentals cost as little as £40 for 3 months, providing a cheap and secure solution if you’re away from home. Our facility is open 7 days a week, ensuring that access can be granted to your valuables when required. Storing items with us has never been easer, we utilise the latest access control technology in order to ensure that customers can achieve peace of mind when they store valuables with us.

Find out more about our safe deposit box services, and our insurance procedures. Give us a call on 0161 273 7487 for further information.