Increase in Burglaries Prompts Concern

Date Posted: 11-01-2016

A sharp rise in burglaries in Darwen, Lancashire over the festive period has prompted a police warning to remain vigilant in the New Year.

Darwen neighbourhood police have noted that incidents of burglary in the area have more than doubled since Christmas 2012 with last year seeing the sharpest increase. While police have stepped up operations to catch those responsible, they have also warned homeowners to remain vigilant in order to not become victims of these crimes themselves.

Suggestions to residents included keeping an eye out for people acting suspiciously around properties and ensuring your house looks occupied if you are away for a few days.

When burglars target homes, they often go for those that look unoccupied, those with easy access such as an open window and/or those with valuables visible through windows. As a result, Darwen police have also told residents to “not leave valuable things on display in your house or car and make sure windows and doors are closed.”

Sometimes we forget just how easy it is to make our homes a target with something as simple as leaving something valuable within eye sight of the outside world. Whether it’s a priceless family heirloom, valuable piece of jewellery or the latest electronic gadget, it is always worth taking extra care when thinking about storing them.

If you live in any of the areas covered in the warning including Darwen, Edworth, Hoddlesden or Turton, it may be worth considering securing your valuables offsite should the worst happen. Storing sentimental or valuable items in safe deposit boxes can ensure that you won’t have them stolen if a burglaries on your house occurs. 

For more information about storing your valuables in a highly secure and accessible safe deposit box, call The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester on 0161 273 7487. 

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