High Security Storage Solutions available in Manchester City Centre

Date Posted: 24-08-2018

Looking for high security storage solutions for your valuables? The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester has a range of deposit boxes to perfectly suit your needs. Whether you are looking for high security storage solutions to protect cash or valuables, or you would just prefer to have valued items in a secure location outside of the home, at The Safe Deposit Centre we pride ourselves on providing secure storage for our clients.

With our state-of-the-art security system, and the only safe deposit centre in the North West to house a Grade 10 Vault, our clients can rest assured that we are providing high security storage for their valuables. Our storage solutions come in a range of different sizes to suit all client’s needs and our storage units and storage facility are open 7 days a week, providing our clients access at any time of the week that suits them.

At The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, our client’s security needs are our main priority, we pride ourselves on providing a high security storage solution in a convenient location for as little as £40 on a 3-month contract.

Keeping valued possessions in a secure storage facility such as ours prevents valued items being lost, stolen or damaged. Our state-of-the-art security system has been tailor made with ease of access for our clients in mind, whilst ensuring the storage facility is as secure as possible. We are Manchester’s only fully automated safety deposit centre and pride ourselves on both our level of security provided through our Grade 10 vault, and ease of access for our clients ensuring they can access their valuables in no time at all.

By storing your valuables using our high security storage solutions this will provide peace of mind that your possessions will remain secure from loss, damage or theft. Whether you are looking for a permanent secure storage solution, or temporary high security storage, we have the ideal storage facility for you. Our contracts start at just a 3-month term, with the option to extend this for as long as you may require. Many clients prefer to know their valuable items are safe in a secure storage facility outside of their home. By having it safely stored in our high security storage solution, this provides peace of mind that their valuable items will be protected in every eventuality.

Our safe deposit secure storage units have been manufactured with fire resistant materials, ensuring that valued items stored in our secure storage facility will remain undamaged from excessive heat or a fire.

We pride ourselves on delivering the ideal high security storage solution in Manchester City Centre for our clients, providing our clients the comfort of knowing their valued possessions are protection within our secure storage solutions. As the only storage facility in the North West to house a Grade 10 Vault, our clients can be certain that our state-of-the-art security system provides the high security storage their valuables require.

Find out more about our range of safe deposit box sizes or get in touch to reserve your own high security storage solution today. Give us a call on 0161 273 7487 or pop by to Victoria House, Great Ancoats Street, Manchester, M4 7DB to discuss your requirements with a member of the team today.