Hatton Garden Heist Arrests

Date Posted: 04-05-2018


Police make new arrests in the hunt for the ringleader of the Hatton Garden heist.

On the 28 th March 2018, Scotland Yard announced that they had arrested who they believe to be the last missing member of the Hatton Garden heist gang, ‘Basil’.

What Happened in the Hatton Garden Heist?

The Hatton Garden heist took place over the Easter Weekend in 2015.

A gang of seven men, were involved in the robbery targeting the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company. Around £14 million was stolen in what is considered to be the largest burglary in UK legal history.

The heist was planned and orchestrated by four elderly men, who were all experienced robbers. Access to the safe deposit vault was gained by drilling through a 50cm thick vault wall, using a Hilti DD350 industrial power drill.

The gang entered the safe deposit centre through a lift-shaft disguised as workmen, before drilling through the vault wall and gaining access to 73 safe deposit boxes containing jewels and gold.

Catching the Criminals

Six men were sentenced in 2016 for their part in the heist, another thief, known only as ‘Basil’, was reported to remain at large.

A 57-year old man has also now been arrested and charged in connection with the heist, after a search warrant was carried out in Islington on 24th March 2018.

Detectives believe that Michael Seed was one of only two raiders who managed to crawl into the vault through the drilled hole and ransack the safe deposit boxes. ‘Basil’ was also supposedly seen using a key to enter the building and is believed to have been the one to disable the alarm system.

Reed’s barrister claims that he ‘has no knowledge or belief of involvement with the burglary’.

How Secure Are Safe Deposit Centres?

Safe deposit centres aren’t usually a common target for thieves due to their high-level security features and access procedures.

In the case of the Hatton Garden heist, it is believed that the grobbers had detailed information on the security at the centre. The gang had knowledge of the alarm codes as well as the layout of the vault, and the centre’s entrance and exit points.

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