Your Holiday Security Checklist

Date Posted: 21-01-2016

It’s that time of year when we’ve been back at work for a few weeks after Christmas and our minds begin to wander towards the next holiday season, summer. Travel companies have got their enticing deals on and the more organised among us will have got their two weeks away booked already.

Before you get too excited about relaxing on the beach or backpacking over mountains, it is vital that you make sure everything at home is secure before you depart and you are not advertising your home to potential thieves. It can be easy for this to slip your mind so we’ve drawn up some useful things to remember before you get in holiday mode.

Ensure the outside of the property is secure

Whether it’s that garden gate lock that needs fixing or the fence panel that has been missing since the storms hit last year, it is important to ensure that the outside of your property is as secure from potential intruders as it can be.

When you leave for your holiday you should also ensure that all windows and doors are locked. It might sound simple but in all of the excitement it can be easy to forget about that one window at the back of the house.

Set up automatic lights

Leaving certain lights on permanently while you’re away to give the illusion that someone is occupying the house will not only give you a hefty electric bill but could also attract as much suspicion as not having any lights on at all. Instead why not purchase a timer for certain lights to ensure they are switched on when you would usually switch them on.

Arrange for a neighbour or friend to stop by regularly

If you trust and get along well with your neighbours, you should definitely inform them that you won’t be around the house. That way they can at least keep an eye out for anyone hanging around during that time. If you’ve been extra nice to them, they might even agree to pop over a few times to move your move your post from the doormat and open/close a few curtains so the house looks occupied.

Lock garden furniture and toys in the shed

If you have garden furniture, BBQs, toys etc in your garden on a regular basis, you should make sure they are locked aware in a shed. If a potential thief looks into your garden and sees something worthwhile there they may use that as a prompt to see what else is worth stealing in your property.

Don’t leave spare keys hidden around

Some people leave a spare key hidden outside their property such as under a plant pot in case of emergencies. This isn’t the most secure technique anyway but if you are away from your property, you should be certain as to who has access to your spare keys.

Move expensive or precious items out of sight or off premises

When your house is unoccupied and nothing inside is moved while you are away, it’s easy for someone to pass your house and see expensive items on display. After seeing they have not moved, they might want to try their hand at getting hold of these items. Remove this temptation by storing your items out of sight. For highly valuable or priceless items, it may be worth storing them away from the house during your time away.

Safe deposit centres offer a secure location to store valuables, sentimental items and important documents whether you are planning a week long holiday in the sun or a longer break.

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Remember, all of these little steps can go a long way to making sure your home stays secure while you are away so your holiday isn’t ruined by coming home to stolen possessions and a ransacked house!

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