Florida Auctions Items Left in Safe Deposit Boxes

Date Posted: 11-08-2016

auctioning of abandoned safe deposit boxes

Safe deposit boxes are a highly private affair with sometimes only the owner knowing about their box and its contents. This can, however, cause future problems if the owners dies and hasn’t told any friends or relatives about the box. In cases like these, the safe deposit box provider will do all they can to reunite the contents of the box with a family member but sometimes this just isn’t possible. As a result, many items can go unclaimed.

This has been the situation for the State Division of Financial Services in Florida who have decided to auction off items that have lain unclaimed for some time.

Florida Unclaimed Property Auction

The auction is due to take place on Saturday 13th August with a preview of items taking place on Friday 12th of August. Items being sold have all come from safe deposit boxes of which the renters have not paid for three years. The State have then held these items for a further two years, available to claim, before making the decision to auction them.

There are some particularly interesting items going under the gavel too including a thank-you letter from assassinated US president, John F Kennedy. There is also the chance to bid on a coin commemorating the wedding of Prince Charles to Lady Diana Spencer as well as some South African Krugerrand gold coins dating back to around the 1970s. In fact, there are a number of lots containing old or collectable coins as many people choose to store their precious collections in deposit boxes to keep them secure.

Jewellery and watches make up a large portion of the lots too with a gold 18k Rolex watch and an 18k gold necklace containing more than thirty natural-cut diamonds up for grabs. Other interesting items due to go to auction are a number of unboxed cassette tapes featuring the music of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and ZZ Top. Finally, if music’s not your thing, there’s a printing from 1980 of The Coming Out Stories.

I think it’s safe to say there’s quite a mixed bag of items going to the auction in the Sunshine State. It’s just a shame many of their stories will now be forever untold. A release by the division stated that the items were recovered from safe deposit boxes "that have gone unclaimed for years despite extensive efforts to return them to their owners" but have reassured any potential owners of the property that should they come forward to claim the items, all the proceeds from the sale of them will be handed over with no cost incurred.

The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester

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