Films Featuring Safe Deposit Boxes

Date Posted: 21-07-2017


The film industry likes to focus on security systems in some of their big starring films, usually, these films will include some form of a security breach with the stars breaking into safe deposit centres or safes. Although it is seen to be easy in films, the security systems in place in these centres or on safes are not likely possible to crack, especially without the correct tools. 

However, these films detailed below, some of which are based on real events where teams did manage to gain access, feature safe deposit boxes:

Casino (1995) – Ace (Robert Di Nero) stuffs a safe deposit box full of cash and hands the key to Ginger (Sharon Stone)

Sexy Beast (2000) – Ex-villain Gal Dove (Ray Winstone) has served his time behind bars and is blissfully retired to a Spanish villa paradise with a wife he adores. The idyll is shattered by the arrival of his nemesis Don Logan (Ben Kingsley), intent on persuading Gal to return to London for one last big job raiding safe deposit boxes in a bank vault.

Bourne Identity (2002) – having lost his memory, Jason Bourne looks for clues in a safe deposit box in Zurich. It contains several passports, bank notes and a handgun.

Inside Man (2006) – Denzel Washington and Chiwetel Ejiofor investigate an elaborate bank heist, centring on the contents of a safe deposit box that may provide clues to a business tycoon’s past.

The Bank Job (2008) - Self-reformed petty criminal Terry Leather (Jason Statham) has become a financially struggling car dealer and settled into a pedestrian London life with his wife and kids, but takes the plunge into big crime when his ex-girlfriend, Martine (Saffron Burrows), turns up with an offer to pull off a lucrative bank heist. After Terry assembles his crew of misfits and begins the operation, he finds that there are other agendas at play and powerful players who have designs on the vault's contents. This film was based off the Baker Street robbery in London in 1971 when £3 million was stolen from safe deposit boxes in the bank.

The Hatton Garden Job (2017) - Four elderly men burgle an underground safe deposit facility in London, making off with nearly 200 million pounds. The film was based on the Hatton Garden safe deposit robbery in 2015. To read more about this robbery view our previous blog post here.

Although some of these films appear to show how easy it is to break into safe deposit centres, that really is not the case. Security systems in place at The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, are of the highest standard and would be extremely difficult to get past. In both films based on true stories, the perpetrators should have been caught inside the vault as they were overheard in the Baker Street robbery and triggered the security alarm in the Hatton Garden safe deposit centre, however, failures to check inside the buildings, due to security doors remaining intact, caused the robbers to complete their jobs.

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