Father’s Ashes Stolen in Perranporth

Date Posted: 01-06-2017


Joanne Young has carried her father’s ashes with her in a locket in her wallet, which was stolen along with her handbag as she fed ducks with her two children. She had taken her family for a trip away to Perranporth as that is where she had holidayed every year with her father throughout her childhood.

Her father passed away from cancer aged 61 in June 2014, Mrs Young said that she has carried the locket with her everywhere she goes so that she can keep him with her. She wore the locket on her wedding day in September 2016 as she wanted her father to be there.

Her handbag was taken between 18:30 and 19:30 BST on the 22nd May as she enjoyed spending time in a sentimental place with her family. The family lost both wallets, a mobile phone and more than £400 in cash, along with the locket containing the ashes. However, the loss of the money and phone are not as poignant as the loss of the locket. Mrs Young said “the money isn’t important to me, but my dad’s ashes mean the world”.

The Perranporth community has rallied together and offered free meals and vouchers for ice creams for the family. Police have been informed about the theft, however there has been no progress with the case as of yet.

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