Protect Your Valuables During Darker Evenings

Date Posted: 22-10-2015

Over 2,000 burglaries took place in Greater Manchester in August 2015 alone, so now is the time to take action and make sure that you aren’t a victim too as we approach the winter months.

New figures from The Co-operative Insurance show that household thefts soar by 38 per cent in winter. James Hillon, director of products at The Co-operative, said: “When the clocks change this coming weekend we are urging people to be more vigilant about home security.”

Increasing Crime Rates

Breaking into a home or property for the purpose of burglary has also been shown as the second most perpetrated crime in Manchester throughout 2015, with anti-social behaviour ranking at the top.

Further police statistics have shown that crime rates in Manchester are considered to be “higher than normal”, with only the City of London outstripping Manchester as a crime hot-spot. Statistics have also revealed that fewer than one in 10 burglaries in Greater Manchester result in charges being brought against those responsible, meaning that items taken in burglaries are rarely returned to their owners.

Protecting Your Valuables

A few simple precautions could help to protect homes in and around Manchester during winter nights. Things like checking that doors and windows are locked, keeping valuables out of sight and installing burglar alarms should be priorities.

An effective and increasingly popular way to ensure that your valuables are safe this winter is using a safe deposit box.

Safety Deposit Boxes

Here at The Safe Deposit Centre, boxes are stored under highly secure access controls, including finger biometric technology and a double-lock system. Biometric technology, also known as fingerprint recognition, uses the unique pattern of your finger print to assign a box that can only be accessed by the box holder. This state of the art technology ensures our high security standards and provides peace of mind for all of our clients. Our double-lock system also means that the box cannot be accessed without the box holder and a member of staff being present, ensuring that the box is safe and secure at all times.

Our safe deposit boxes offer considerably higher security than your average home safe so consider protecting your valuables in the most effective way possible by using The Safe Deposit Centre.

For more information please get in touch with us or request your box today.