Do I Need To Insure My Safe Deposit Box?

Date Posted: 09-03-2018

When renting a safe deposit box we provide the opportunity to include insurance for your valuables left in our care. 

Our safe deposit facilities have been constructed using the latest technology to ensure high-security protection is in place for all our customers and their possessions. However, to further gain peace of mind that your valued items are secured, we have teamed up with an insurance provider in order to supply this extra level of security to our customers.

How would insurance benefit my safe deposit rental?

At The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, we pride ourselves on providing a high-security storage solution for many people across Manchester and the North West. With our approved insurance partner, Ellerton Knight, you have the opportunity to further secure your safe deposit box by insuring it and its contents for up to £500,000.

Insuring your safe deposit box with our approved partner provides a range of benefits to go alongside the benefits already supplied from a safe deposit box itself. Our approved partners are able to provide:

  • Immediate cover for the contents of your safe deposit box
  • Up to £500,000 cover per box for any cash and valuables stored inside our facilities
  • Insurance covers gold, silver and any other precious metals which may need securing, as well as jewellery, precious stones, important documentation, cash or bonds or any other item of value you may wish to insure.

This service can even be upgraded to premium which will cover your valuables even when they are not stored within the safe deposit box. The benefits of the premium insurance includes:

  • Up to £100,000 cover for valuables outside of safe deposit box
  • Insurance cover for items when they are being worn, carried on your person or when they are stored within a locked safe
  • Up to 20 days cover per year

Would you prefer some extra peace of mind? Get in touch today. 

If there’s still some doubt within your mind that your valuables could become a target for theft, even when stored in our high-security facilities, then considering adding insurance to your safe deposit services will provide the last bit of peace of mind necessary to cast aside those worries.

At The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, we aim to provide a high-security solution for the storage of valued items or goods and due to our approved partners, Ellerton Knight, we can also offer insurance cover on the goods stored with us, so that you can be sure your valued items are in good hands.

Find out more about the insurance services we offer at The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, or get in touch with us today to discuss your needs or go over any questions you may have, call us on 0161 273 7487.