Keeping Your Valuables Safe Online

Date Posted: 17-05-2017

Cyber Crime Statistics

Here are a few facts about cyber crime, proving it pays to protect your valuables in any way you can, from valuable jewellery to sensitive information and personal documents, we should all be taking steps to safe-guard our assets.

Stay Safe Online

  • More than £1 billion in losses over the past year due to cyber-crime, this has seen a 22% increase from the previous year
  • 93% of small businesses in the UK have some form of cyber security in place – however 66% have been a victim of cyber-crime in the last 2 years
  • Those who have fallen victim to cyber-crime say they have been affected on average four times
  • Staff members bringing their own electronic devices into work to use for business purposes can provide hackers with the opportunity to access company data as they are not likely protected by the company’s security network
  • 72% of respondents to the IoD’s (Institute of Directors) Policy Voice survey had received a fake invoice, showing the extent of social engineering and how easily the internet can be used to defraud businesses
  • Between July 2014–June 2015 in the UK, there were over 404,000 cases of unauthorised access to personal information
  • It takes on average 120 days for a business to realise its data has been breached. 
  • 25 of the large UK firms who detected a cyber breach or attack in the past year experience a breach at least once a month
  • On average each police force in the UK recorded more than £19.5 million in losses due to cyber-crime
  • A substantial amount of attempted fraud is successful due to lack of knowledge or poor security practices
  • Mandate fraud is becoming increasingly worrying as it has risen 66% in the last year. 
  • CEO fraud tricks employees into making payment by means of an email purporting to be from a senior member of staff
  • Ransomware became more common with users tricked into making payment in order to regain access to their own files and data

It is vital to keep your online security as safe as you would keep your home security. By hackers gaining information from you online they could then use this to obtain bank details, order ID in your name, or even find your home address – which could then be targeted.

It would be beneficial to obtain cyber liability insurance in order to protect yourself online, however protecting important documents and media can be done through the use of a safe deposit box! 

Safety Deposit Box Hire

Our safe deposit boxes are perfect for storing disks/memory sticks with precious pictures or media on that you do not want corrupted or anything else you deem worthy of keeping secure! 

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