Coventry Police Anti-Burglary Campaign

Date Posted: 01-02-2016

Coventry Police Campaign – Controversial or Clever?

Last week, Coventry Police took part in an anti-burglary stunt which has divided opinion among residents and social media users alike.

On Tuesday police in the city let themselves into homes which were not securely locked and posted the pictures on social media. The stunt was arranged to highlight the importance of locking your front doors to prevent burglars from being able to easily enter your property.

As you can imagine, there have been some strong opinions on both side of the argument questioning whether this is a good use of police time or even whether it is within the law to do it in the first place.

With high levels of burglaries across the UK it’s easy to see why police forces feel that something needs to be done. It was hoped that the stunt would highlight to residents how easy it is to gain access to their homes when something as simple as locking the door is not done but the offending tweets have now been removed from Coventry Police’s twitter feed suggesting that maybe this was a stunt too far.

What do you think? Did these police officers go too far or was it just the publicity required? Should a similar stunt take place around Greater Manchester?

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