Asian Gold Burglaries Highlight Security Need

Date Posted: 13-05-2016

A number of burglaries have taken place across Greater Manchester over the last six months targeting families with Asian gold. The burglaries haven’t been narrowed down to a small area in Manchester but have affected areas across the county including Cheetham, Broughton, Salford and Stockport.

The most recent burglary in Cheetham left a woman in the 40s with serious head injuries. The thieves, three men, broke into her home which also housed her disabled husband and elderly mother and stole her gold jewellery, attacking her in the process. It is thought to be the third burglary in that area alone in the past two months.

Police Warnings

The increasing number of raids has prompted announcements from Greater Manchester police asking Asian families not to store gold in their homes but instead seek secure offsite storage facilities. Local councillor for the area Shaukat Ali had this to say:

“We just recently had an awareness event about three days ago with the community officer to make Asian women aware that they can be easily targeted.”

“We have urged ladies not to wear jewellery unnecessarily and keep it locked away. This is the tradition to wear jewellery and unfortunately they can be targeted. I really urge local residents to be careful and if possible, keep jewellery locked up.”

What Can Be Done?

While it’s not nice to think that your home could be broken into and your valuables stolen, it is useful to plan for the worst case scenario. Firstly, ensure that your home has the correct level of security with secure locks and make sure you keep windows and doors locked as often as possible.

To ensure the safety of your valuables in the unfortunate event that your home is burgled, it is advised to store jewellery and other precious items in offsite storage facilities such as safe deposit centres.

Secure Storage for Asian Gold

If you’re looking to store your Asian gold in secure storage facilities The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester is the ideal place. Offering a flexible range of memberships, your jewellery will be stored in our grade 10 vault protected by state of the art technology. We have free onsite parking at our city centre location and provide you with unlimited access to your valuables without charge.

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