A Safe Haven For The Elderly

Date Posted: 15-11-2017

The benefits that a safe deposit box offers are plenty. They provide high levels of security outside of the home for storing your cash and valuable items.

The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester offers safe deposit lockers to a wide of customers, including older or vulnerable groups of adults who might be at high risk of targeted burglaries.

Benefits of a Safe Deposit Box

Safe deposit boxes deliver an enhanced sense of security to vulnerable or elderly adults. Older people, living by themselves are often viewed as an easy target for criminals. This can be a major concern for the individual as well as friends and family members, that may not live close by. 

Safe deposit boxes provide a peace of mind for these people. Hiring a safe deposit box provides proper security for your important possessions. With a range of box sizes available, you can store anything from cash and jewellery to confidential documents and family heirlooms.

Don’t run the risk of storing your cash under the bed or your valuables in your sock drawer when you could benefit from a simple and convenient storage solution with The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester.

Manchester Safe Deposit Boxes

Located in the heart of Manchester city centre, we provide free on-site parking for all our customers. Our boxes start from as little as £40 for a 3-month contract and can be accessed 7 days a week. We implement a highly-secure yet friendly verification procedure, with private appointments available should you wish to access your box when no one else is around.

We have a variety of box and security locking options to choose from including standard key locking or electronic locking systems. Just select the ideal box and locking option to suit your specific needs. 

Find out more about our safe deposit services or call us on 0161 273 7487 to discuss our options in more detail.

If you know any elderly or vulnerable person who may benefit from renting a safe deposit box with The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester, then get in touch.