Who’s got their eyes on your valuables?


Are you going away on a nice little summer holiday soon? Ensuring your valuables are protected whilst you’re not there is crucial. No one wants to come back from a lovely relaxing holiday to find that their home has been targeted by thieves because it looked unoccupied and had valuable items left lying around. Making sure your home won’t become a target for burglars can actually be done quite easily whilst you’re away. In this article we will provide you with some tips on how to keep your home and belongings safe, even...

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Films that feature safe deposit boxes & centres.


The film industry likes to focus on security systems in some of their big starring films, usually these films will include some form of a security breach with the stars breaking into safe deposit centres or safes. Although it is seen to be easy in films, the security systems in place in these centres or on safes are not likely possible to crack, especially without the correct tools. However, these films detailed below, some of which are based on real events where teams did manage to gain access, feature safe deposit boxes.

Casino (1995) –...

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Safe deposit robbery – Hatton Garden 2015

Safe deposit robberies are a rare occurrence due to the extremely high levels of security put in place at the banks and safe deposit centres. One of the most recent and highly talked about safe deposit robberies was the Hatton Garden Heist in 2015.

In April 2015 the Hatton Garden safe deposit company, an underground safe deposit centre in London’s Hatton Garden area, was burgled. A total of £20 million was stolen and the incident has been called the largest burglary in English legal history.

The heist was planned and carried...

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Do I Need a Safe Deposit Box?

There are many different reasons people have for opening up a safe deposit box. Some people will use it for temporary storage of valuables when going away or moving house, others prefer to keep the valuable and important items in secure storage away from the home. However, the use of your safe deposit box is entirely up to you. In this article we will detail some of the common uses for safe deposit boxes and the benefits of owning one.

What to store in your safe deposit box

  • -Important documents: such as passports, birth certificates, deeds and your...

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Security Increased for Glastonbury

The gates to Glastonbury festival will be opening next Wednesday, the 21st June – 25th June, but security measures have been increased dramatically. Organisers have warned the festival goers that in light of the recent terror attacks occurring around Britain, and all over the world, security checks are being stepped up.

Ticket holders have been advised to pack lightly, as this will speed up queues for entry. Organisers have asked people to ‘only bring as much as you can carry’ in order to reduce time spent on bag checks and getting people in. Due...

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