Beware of Burglary Symbols

Burglars may be using a range of symbols to determine which homes are worth targeting, residents have been warned.

Conwy council has published the symbols which show images of indicators including whether people were elderly, vulnerable, living alone or considered an "easy target".

Its trading standards will be on patrol to catch those marking houses.

Anyone who sees properties being marked is asked to call police on 101.

Don’t let your home become a target, you can store your most valuable possessions here at The Safe Deposit Centre. We are the only safe deposit centre in the North of England using a...

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Pensioner Targeted in a Terrifying Burglary

A pensioner has been left so terrified by house raid in which he scrambled out of his upstairs bedroom window to get help; in fear, after waking to find two burglars ransacking his bedroom.

The 71-year-old yelled for help from the first floor ledge when the intruders struck in Platt Bridge, Wigan.

The victim was sleeping in his Southfield home at around 2.45pm on Friday afternoon, September 4, when he was startled by two masked men ransacking his bedroom.

They searched his room and stole his 20-year-old gold Rolex watch before leaving. It’s believed they drove off in a dark coloured Vauxhall Vectra;...

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Security and Peace of Mind

The recent audacious raid on a Hatton Garden safe depository’s vault earlier this year was an alarming reminder that not all safe deposits are the same. It was especially shocking for the 73 depositors who lost millions of pounds worth of jewellery from a safe deposit vault that they had believed to be secure. Clearly it wasn’t; but in this age of advanced hi-tech security solutions peace of mind can be found and more to the point, your valuable possessions can be secured.

The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester is about as far removed from the burgled Hatton Garden vault in terms...

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Is There £600m Down the Back of Your Sofa?

The value of banknotes in circulation has trebled to more than £60bn in the last twenty years, the Bank of England has revealed.

Here are five facts about the cash in your wallet (or maybe under your mattress or down the back of your sofa):

1. The £60bn of physical banknotes sloshing around amounts to about £1,000 worth of banknotes for each person in the UK.

The coins doing the rounds make up a far smaller amount: at the end of March 2015, there was only £4.2bn worth of coins in circulation.

2. No more than half of the banknotes in circulation are used...

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The Mysterious World of Safe Deposit Boxes

Once used to store people's most treasured possessions & valuables, now they're a service that banks no longer offer. What's inside them these days?

In vaults and strong rooms below our ordinary streets are rows of locked containers filled with secrets and treasure.

The contents of each is precious to someone. Valuable jewellery or important documents, maybe. Or papers and photographs whose worth is purely sentimental to that person. You can picture the occasional spy stashing a false passport for an emergency getaway.

Most high street banks are phasing safe deposit boxes out, with some closing the service to...

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