A Safe Haven For The Elderly

The benefits that a safe deposit box offers are plenty. They provide high levels of security outside of the home for storing your cash and valuable items.

The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester offers safe deposit lockers to a wide of customers, including older or vulnerable groups of adults who might be at high risk of targeted burglaries.

Benefits of a safe deposit box for vulnerable or elderly people

Safe deposit boxes deliver an enhanced sense of security to vulnerable or elderly adults. Older people, living by themselves are often viewed as an easy target for criminals. This can be a major concern for the...

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Have A Safe Night Out


Everyone loves a night out. It’s an opportunity to enjoy a drink and let your hair down with your friends. However, remaining safe and keeping a close eye on personal belongings such as handbags and wallets is an essential element to ensuring you have an enjoyable night out.

If you're heading for a night out this weekend, take a look at some of our top tips for keeping yourself and your belongings safe.

How To Remain Safe On A Night Out

Many nights out often involve enjoying a drink or two. Whether you choose to celebrate or unwind with a glass...

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What Is Going on In Manchester This Autumn?


With holidays like Halloween and Bonfire Night fast approaching, there are lots of upcoming events taking place across Manchester to entertain the whole family. Although schools may have only recently gone back, October half term is already fast approaching! So planning activities for whilst the children are off should be something to consider in the coming days.

What’s On For Half Term? 

The Manchester Science Festival 

Hosted by the Museum of Science and Industry, the Manchester Science Festival is set to take place between the 19th and 29th October. This is the...

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The Benefits of a Virtual Business Address


A virtual business address can have many benefits for both small and large businesses alike. Companies all over the world are taking advantage of the opportunity to conduct all of their business online, whilst having their physical post stored securely at a virtual business address facility such as The Safe Deposit Centre. 

With the freedom to collect your mail or to have it scanned and sent via an email, you’re able to run your business from home or on the go, whilst maintaining the privacy of your home address and giving your customers a professional first impression of your business.


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The Benefits of a Safe Deposit Box


Renting a safe deposit box can provide a wealth of benefits as they work to protect your valuables from loss and theft. By storing your valuables within a safe deposit box at The Safe Deposit Centre, Manchester, you can be sure that the most important or valued items are protected. Knowing that your valuables are secure will help to achieve peace of mind. 

At The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester, we have a range of box sizes along with the option for electronic and key locking systems. Get in touch to find out more...

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