Security and Peace of Mind

Date Posted: 24-09-2015

The recent audacious raid on a Hatton Garden safe depository’s vault earlier this year was an alarming reminder that not all safe deposits are the same. It was especially shocking for the 73 depositors who lost millions of pounds worth of jewellery from a safe deposit vault that they had believed to be secure. Clearly it wasn’t; but in this age of advanced hi-tech security solutions peace of mind can be found and more to the point, your valuable possessions can be secured.

The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester is about as far removed from the burgled Hatton Garden vault in terms of security solutions and certified safety ratings, as it is in distance. Designed and built by the UK’s leading security solutions company, Associated Security Solutions Limited, The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester, represents the highest level of security that exists in Europe. There is no safe deposit centre, nor vault, anywhere in the north of this country that is more secure than the Safe Deposit Centre Manchester’s facilities and solutions. And that’s official!

Associated Security Solutions began life in 1945 as JS Sporston, an Ancoats based locksmiths, and they’re evolution into safe manufacturers, and suppliers of other key security services, is testament to their success. They know what they’re doing and they’ve been doing it successfully for a very long time.

Previously there were many banks and independent financial houses to store your valuables away; today finds that market drastically reduced. As all the banks, bar one, have abandoned this service, it has left a city of Manchester’s size with only a handful of safe deposit facilities. They’re all located in the city centre, which compromises security when accessing the premises; the journey from parked car to the front door of these facilities, with valuables in your possession, is almost entirely beyond the control of any security system.

Conveniently located on the city’s inner ring road and with its own secure car park, The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester eliminates that particular problem and access to the building is many times more secure than any of the alternatives.

Gaining entry in to the building and then on into the vault, utilises the most modern and advanced security systems that technology currently provides. The Centre’s staff have all been thoroughly vetted for credit worthiness and enhanced DBS checks (previously known as CRB) and the Safe Deposit Centre Manchester carries out these stringent checks on a monthly basis.

The vault itself has the highest industry grading of 10 and has been approved by the Metropolitan Police. The biometric finger print scanning system, combined with the highest graded vault, is only offered by the Safe Deposit Centre Manchester. The technology employed at this centre and its subsequent provision of the highest possible industry security ratings, is unique outside of London. Indeed, the capital itself possesses only two or three centres with an equivalent security profile to the Safe Deposit Centre’s. Quite simply, The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester is the safest place to secure your valuable possessions.

With over 5,500 safe deposit boxes and six safes, which are also maximum grading of 7, the centre is the largest in the north, allowing for a wide range of deposit box options and extremely competitive pricing levels, which start from as low as £50. Alternative safe deposit centres simply cannot compete on price orvalue for money with the Safe Deposit Centre Manchester.

With unlimited free access to your valuables during opening hours and free, secure onsite parking, the centre really is the safest and most convenient place to secure your valuable possessions.

We live in relatively insecure times and peace of mind becomes ever more elusive and less affordable but if you’re looking to secure your possessions – precious mementos, jewellery, documents or money – then The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester go a long way to providing the reassurance and security that you’ll expect and demand.

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