Pensioner Targeted in a Terrifying Burglary

Date Posted: 25-09-2015

A pensioner has been left so terrified by house raid in which he scrambled out of his upstairs bedroom window to get help; in fear, after waking to find two burglars ransacking his bedroom.

The 71-year-old yelled for help from the first floor ledge when the intruders struck in Platt Bridge, Wigan.

The victim was sleeping in his Southfield home at around 2.45pm on Friday afternoon, September 4, when he was startled by two masked men ransacking his bedroom.

They searched his room and stole his 20-year-old gold Rolex watch before leaving. It’s believed they drove off in a dark coloured Vauxhall Vectra; the burglars both wore dark clothing and had their faces covered, police have said.

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