Manchester Amongst Top Cities for Burglaries

Date Posted: 19-08-2015

Manchester is Number 3 on List of Cities & Towns Targeted for Burglaries.

With Manchester being in the top 3, most burgled cities in the North West, we urge you to keep your cash, jewellery & most valuable possessions safe & secure in our Grade 10 vault with finger print access at The Safe Deposit Centre Manchester.

November saw an average of 10 per cent increase in burglary frequency last year, with the first week in December seeing a rise of 25 per cent, according to analysis from the over 50s insurance provider RIAS.

These figures indicated that Bradford, London, Manchester and Leeds are Britain’s most burgled cities, with Manchester at number 3! The average claim cost of a burglary at £2,433, increasing to £2,474 in November.

Five bedroom houses are three times more likely to be burgled than one or two bedroom properties, with claims 127 per cent more on average. Jewellery, cash, laptops & tablets are the most desirable items for burglars who most commonly break in through back doors and windows.

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The top 10 cities /towns for burglary frequency

1. Bradford

2. London

3. Manchester

4. Leeds

5. Oldham

6. Milton Keynes

7. Coventry

8. Huddersfield

9. Sheffield

10. Redhill