Do You Have Valuable Coins in Your Pocket?

Date Posted: 05-09-2016

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Billions of pounds worth of coins exchange hands across the country every day but how closely do you look at the coins in your wallet or purse before handing them over?

Could you have missed out on a rare one worth more than its original value? Keep your eyes out for these special coins and you could find yourself with a tidy sum. Following the news that a new batch of Olympic commemorative coins have been released into circulation, The Safe Deposit Centre take a look at some of the most notable, rare and valuable coins which have been produced.

New 2 pence coin

The New Pence

Circa- 1983

How much is it worth? – Up to £650

Pre-1981, all two pence coins were inscribed with the words “New Pence” on the tails side but in 1982, Royal Mint commissioned a change in wording from “New Pence” to “Two Pence”. At the beginning of 1983 a very small run of coins were circulated with the old wording on before it was changed. Almost all of these rare coins have now been snapped up by collectors but it is thought that a few still remain unclaimed and could be worth up to £650 each.

silver 2p coin

The Silver 2p

Circa- 2015

How much is it worth? – Up to £1,350

In June, a silver two pence was discovered in a Poppy Appeal tin and almost thrown away due to the treasurer believing it to be a fake. It was in fact confirmed by Royal Mint to be an anomaly caused by a nickel plated steel blank for a 10p being mistakenly stamped with the 2p design. The Westminster Collection now owns the coin to add to its collection of collectable coins and stamps. While it may seem like a one off event, there is actually more than just the one silver 2p around. In 2014 one sold for £1,357 at auction and last year one went up for sale online fetching more than £800.

dateless 20p coin

The Dateless 20p

Circa- 2008

How much is it worth? – Up to £100

The dateless 20p also came about as a result of an error at Royal Mint. In 2008, Royal Mint were due to switch the date on the 20p piece from the back to the front but due to an error in production, the old and new designs got mixed up resulting in no date being printed on either side. Between 50,000 and 200,000 coins were produced before the mistake was rectified. This news caused quite the stir nationwide with people up and down the country searching through their loose change to find this Holy Grail which have been known to fetch up to £100.

Commemorative 50p coin

The EC Commemorative 50p

Circa- 1992 & 1993

How much is it worth? Up to £20

In 1992, the UK held the presidency for the Council of the European Union. To commemorate this, Royal Mint issued a run of 50p designs. The run only contained 109,000 as opposed to the usual quantities of up to 12 million. As a result, these coins have become collectors’ items; especially since the 50p reduced in size in 1997. If you find one of these in your money box, it could be worth 4000% more than its face value.

key gardens 50 pence piece

The Kew Gardens 50p

Circa- 2011

How much is it worth? – Up to £120

These 50p coins were issued to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Royal Botanical Gardens in 2011. Only 210,000 coins were released making it the rarest commemorative coin in circulation today so it is believed that the few remaining outside of private collections could be some of the most valuable 50p coins around.

guy fawkes coin

Guy Fawkes £2

Circa- 2005

How much is it worth? - Around £16

Another commemorative coin that could fetch more than face value is a Guy Fawkes £2 coin released into circulation in 2005. Commemorative £2 coins are released regularly to mark anniversaries and big events which means that sometimes mistakes can happen. On some of these £2 coins released to mark the 400th anniversary of the gun powder plot, where the inscription should read “remember, remember” in homage to the popular rhyme created in memory of Guy Fawkes night, it actually reads “pemember pemember”. This simple typo has increased the value of a small number of £2 coins to around eight times its original value.

mary rose coin

Mary Rose and King James Bible £2

Circa- 2011

How much is it worth? £6

In 2011, a small run of 40,000 £2 coins were released in two designs to mark the 500th anniversary of the Mary Rose ship and the 400th anniversary of the King James Bible. Britain’s deep interest in history combined with the small number of these coins in circulation, making the coins very rare, has tripled the value. However; if you find one in your possession, it is probably best to hold onto it for a few more years as they become more and more sought after.

Londong 2012 swimming coin

London Olympics Collection

Circa- 2012

How much are they worth? Up to £3,000

In 2012, as Olympic fever set in, Royal Mint released 29 different designs to celebrate the event taking place in the capital for the first time since 1908. Some designs were produced in smaller numbers than others meaning those who find a full set can collect around £35 for it. Some of the rarer designs such as football, tennis, wrestling and wheelchair rugby can collect between £3 and £4 alone but the rarest of the collection is the original aquatics coin which features a swimmer with water passing directly over their face. The design was altered slightly after just 600 of the original design were released the show the swimmer’s face clearly visible. The 600 original designs have been known to fetch as much as £3,000 each.

Where to Store Valuable Coin Collections

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